New strategic plan

We are proud to present our brand new strategic plan for 2023-2024, which will prove instrumental in growing our operations. The strategic plan is the culmination of an exhaustive think, extensive data analysis and multiple consultations between the members of our team. It is meant to define our vision for the upcoming year and the tangible steps we will be undertaking.

August 31, 2023 was a milestone day at Milibec, as Catherine and Stéphane presented the plan to the employees. Every single staff member was there to share this wonderful moment together and talk about the plan’s new initiatives.

For starters, as you’ve probably noticed, our branding got a makeover last September. A new website is also in the works for early 2024. The company’s organizational  structure will also be revisited as a means of assessing our needs and implementing the necessary changes that will foster our growth. Everyone’s roles and responsibilities will be re-evaluated.

We’ve commissioned  Inno-centre (a consulting firm) to draft a plan focused on the company’s growth and to roll out a continuous improvement process. Their mandate effectively begins September 13, 2023.

Management is pursuing its efforts to recruit a representative for the South Shore and remote regions.