Milibec values the wellbeing of its employees, which is why we cultivate a stimulating and enriching work environment that allow you to grow while tapping into your full potential.


    Work-Life balance

    Juggling personal and work schedules isn’t always easy. Milibec’s management actively supports work-life balance and always strives to offer employees flexible work hours.

    Physical and mental health balance

    The physical and mental health of our employees is among our core priorities. Which is why we provide numerous benefits that foster relaxation, health and wellness.

    Working conditions

    Over and above competitive wages, we also offer excellent working conditions and arrangements focused on boosting concentration and productivity. Also, employees may purchase products from the Milibec catalog at cost.

    Activities and events

    Joint collaborations and networking activities kindle team spirit. As a result, at Milibec, we organize events year round to allow employees to nurture ties in an informal setting.


    We believe that having trust in yourself and others forms the basis of success and a better tomorrow, both within the company and among the partners we do business with.


    By focusing on health, safety, hygiene, communication and a friendly work environment, we help foster productivity and professional growth. Also, we strictly do business with producers who practice responsible animal care.


    Respect is a key value that not only involves showing our customers the consideration they are entitled to, but also being mindful of our environmental and social impact.


    We value our good name, and this includes also being recognized as an ethical company that carries itself with integrity, be it with our customers, our partners, or our employees. Our reputation is reflected in our brand, but also in the concrete actions we take every day.