The company “Pac-Rite Meat Products” was established in 1954. At the time, it was located on Papineau street and was a butcher shop. It specialized in delivering high quality meat products to its customers’ houses consisting primarily of families living in the upper-class neighborhoods of Montreal.

In 1976, the company obtained a C-1 permit and started experiencing significant growth, especially with restaurateurs. To meet the increasing demand, the company moved its operations to Ontario street. At this point sales mostly consisted of beef cuts.

Then, in 1993, a major shift. Retail sales, which mostly spanned home deliveries, were put aside to concentrate on restaurants and independent grocery stores. This is also when the company truly started focusing more on its processing operations, mainly deboning. Poultry gradually replaced beef production.

As the company continued to grow year after year, the company moved again in order to pursue its expansion. It settled on a more spacious property in Montreal North. Moving forward, the company would operate under the inspection of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) system, implemented to ensure the safety and high quality of its products. In 2018, the company, needing to further expand, moved to a new location in Rivière-des-Prairies.

Today, Pac-Rite’s growth continues unabated, as does the premium quality of its products.